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After playing the video ask yourself:
Are you having this experience regularly and consistently

If that day and state of mind you visualized at the beginning is NOT happening regularly and consistently, THIS 21-day VIDEO COURSE CAN help you!

21 Days of Taking Action™ - Online Productivity Video Course

This 21-day guided course will get you un-stuck, help you to overcome procrastination and, move you from roller-coaster productivity, frequent down days and nagging self-doubt to consistent and JOYFUL productivity! 

It will have you not just Doing more but BEing more.  You will be optimistic, take daily action and feel great about yourself. - GUARANTEED!

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Guaranteed in 21 Days

This 21-day video course is guaranteed to help you create new powerful productivity habits. You will go from under-producing to maximum productivity. AND, you will feel more JOY more consistently. It's GUARANTEED!

I want more joy now!

Why 21 Days?

Dr. Maxwell Maltz, a cognitive psychologist, determined through his work with patients that it took about 21 days for a person to feel differently and have an improved self-image. His book Psycho-Cybernics is a classic in the field of behavior change and habit formation.

I am ready for change?

What does the course include?

► 21 Daily Videos - With daily exercises, reminders and encouragement
► Beautiful E-cards summarizing each day (hard copies available free at check-out, just pay shipping)
► An in-depth guidebook, explaining all that is needed to succeed with this program.
► Lots of tips, research and helpful links
► An intentional focus on achieving life BALANCE - with exercises in the five Vital Venues™ of your life (Self, Relationships, Home, Work, Community/Place of Worship)
► Powerful daily affirmations and visualization/relaxation exercises
► Extensive prep-work in Guidebook - so you are fully prepared for your transformation
► Focus on mindset mastery, (through neuroplasticity), self-discipline and habit formation.

Yes! I'm ready for change.

 “YES” to even one of these questions says this 21-Day Productivity Course is your answer.

Is this the year you become SICK and TIRED of being SICK and TIRED of wasting valuable time?

Will you make this your time to avoid, overcome and stop procrastinating?

This course is for you IF the following is your reality ...

If you find yourself nodding along with any of the following, then you are in a perfect position to enroll in 21 Days of Taking Action and become a super productive person ...

  • You are getting stuck way too often and then you find ways to creatively procrastinate?
  • You KNOW you need to master your mindset but you keep stopping and starting, and not achieving the level of success you KNOW you are capable of?
  • Old scripts and negative feelings keep popping up when least expected?
  • Inconsistent accountability and self-discipline are sabotaging your progress?
  • Your productivity and JOY (one leads to the other) is up and down, roller-coaster like?
  • You actually are doing A LOT but still not feeling inspired or fulfilled on a regular basis?
  • Your great work is not yet MAKING the DIFFERENCE or HAVING THE IMPACT you know it can?
  • You have a habit of negative SELF-TALK that talks you out of your inspired and zone-like productivity?
  • You have tried to change bad habits ( and start new empowering ones ) but they still linger on?
  • You JUST KNOW the best in you is yet to come?

If TAKING ACTION and CONSISTENT and INSPIRED PRODUCTIVITY is your DEEPEST DESIRE, this 21-Day online video course is perfect FOR YOU!

Why only $21

We priced this program low --- VERY low because we could. SO LOW we felt we needed to explain!

The primary motivation to charge only $21 for this 21-day online course (YES... we did that purposefully!) is our desire to fulfill our mission with every sale.

We are committed to offering affordable, powerful solutions to help people take positive daily action, be consistently productive and as a result, filled with joy.

100% Money back Guarantee

We are so sure of the powerful impact of this course that we offer a 30-day guarantee. If you are fully committed, do the work and still do not experience increased productivity, we will give you a FULL REFUND.


21 Days of Taking Actionwith Productivity Cards
(set of 22 - 4"x6" just pay $4.95 shipping/handling)

I am READY... move from being stuck (or under performing) to productively taking action so my JOY will flow.

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