21 Days of Taking Action - Online Video Course

This 21-day guided course will get you un-stuck, help you to overcome procrastination and, move you from roller-coaster productivity, frequent down days and nagging self-doubt to consistent and JOYFUL productivity!  It will have you not just Doing more but BEing more.  You will be optimistic, take daily action and feel great about yourself. - GUARANTEED!

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The Action Planner™ (TAP) - Day Planner

TAP into life balance and increased productivity in the 5 Vital Venues™ of life: Self, Relationships, Home, Work & Community / Place of Worship. TAP guides you to remain active on a weekly/daily basis in the 5VV of life. Designed to have you plan and take effective action in these 5VVs, while enjoying a sense of balance in your life. Balance brings peace and joy flows more naturally.

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B.O.L.D. GOALS - The Workbook

B.O.L.D. GOALS goes beyond goals that are practical and S.M.A.R.T to goals that are Bold, Outrageous, Love-driven, Legacy building and Divinely centered.
This workbook guides the reader through how to plan and live the balanced and joyous life of their dreams.


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GET IT DONE Printable Worksheets

These printable worksheets are designed to help you make plain to your brain exactly what is important as you start this New Year.

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Sermon in Action™ Guided Workbook

Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says. - James 1:22  Experience real change in your life as you move beyond just taking notes in church to taking action based on the Word you receive.

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